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   "City of God"

The Mystical City of God 

in four volumes by Venerable Mary of Agreda was translated into English from the original Spanish by Fr. George J. Blatter (Fiscar Marison-his nom de plume) and published by him in 1912 with the imprint of the Theopolitan Company of Chicago, composed of Fr. Blatter, his brother, and some friends for purposes of disseminating the book. In 1929, Mr. Louis W. Bernicken assumed publication of the four volumes, and in 1949 this work was taken over by Mr. Harry D. Corcoran of Albuquerque, New Mexico under the name of the Corcoran Publishing Co. In 1971 rights to the book were purchased by Ave Maria Institute (the Blue Army) of Washington, New Jersey, the present publisher.

This popular abridgement of the four-volume work was compiled, it is believed, by Fr. Cassian Burgert, O.F.M. Cap. And was published by Mr. Bernicken. It had gone through five printings of about 1,000 copies each by the time of the printing of this paper bound edition.


Santa Fe, New Mexico, February 9, 1949.

I gladly give my "Imprimatur" as of today, to

the new edition of the work, "The City of God"

by Sister Mary of Jesus, to be reprinted from the

original authorized Spanish Edition of the year

1902 without change, and already bearing the

Imprimatur of His Excellency, Most Reverend

H.J. Alerding, Bishop of Fort Wayne.


Archbishop of Santa Fe.



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