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Pastor: Reverend Mark S. Bozoda
1107 Summit - Catawissa, MO 63015 
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Confessions: Saturday 4:15 - 4:45pm - 1st, 3rd & 5th Saturdays of the Month.
Saturday Mass: 5:00pm - 1st, 3rd & 5th Saturdays of the Month.
Sunday Mass: 10:00am
Tuesday & Thursday Mass: 8:00am

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Fr. Mark's Weekly Homilies

May 31, 2009 Pentecost Sunday

My Dear People,

It was not until the birthday of the Church, "Pentecost", that the fullness of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, came to rest upon the Holy Apostles. From that point forward, "evangelization" took on new meaning for them. To evangelize means to go out into the world to share the Good News that Jesus Christ has saved us from sin and eternal death. Without Him, we are nothing. With Him, we are everything. It was Our Lady who had gathered the Apostles in the upper room, preparing them for the gifts and fruits of the Advocate, the third person of the Most Holy Trinity. Her total focus upon Jesus, Her Son, kept her spotless. Unlike the Apostles, Mary was in a constant state of evangelization. Nothing was more important to Her than Our Lord and His Mission here on Earth. We can learn from Mary how to love Jesus, and how to share Him with others . As we draw to a close this holy month of Our Lady, ask her to teach you how to cherish and share Jesus. She is the best of all human teachers. Mary will always lead you on the quickest path to holiness and peace.

May we always seek Jesus through Mary, His beloved Mother!

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark

May 24, 2009 Ascension of The Lord

My Dear People,

Forty days after Easter, the Church celebrates the feast of the Ascension. From the Holy Apostles sight, Jesus was taken up into the Heavens. The Holy Angels told the Apostles that Jesus would return to Earth the same way that He left; riding on the clouds surrounded by Angels. What glory we shall behold that Great Day! Jesus asked His Father that the Holy Apostles be "consecrated in the Truth". We know that the Scriptures are Truth. So we must all be consecrated in God's Holy Word. You can't become consecrated in the Bible, unless you read and know it. Find your Bibles, dust them off, and read a little each day. Allow the Glory of the Word rest upon you. Live on in Christ's love. Make His Word real in your daily lives.

While we wait for Jesus to return, we may dedicate our time, talents and treasure to caring for those in need and promoting the teachings of the Gospel.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark

May 17, 2009 6th Sunday of Easter

My Dear People,

The month of May reminds us just how privileged we are to have such a beautiful Heavenly Mother. From the Holy Cross, St. John embraced Our Lady with tender loving care. John invites us to that same intimacy with Mary. When we pray the Holy Rosary from the heart, both Mary and Her children become one. What a sacred embrace. Knowing how much She desires for us to love Her Son, Mary does everything we give Her permission to pursue us in our lives. Ask Mary for a deeper relationship with Jesus. In turn, She will lead you on a journey into eternity. St. John tells us in the Gospel that Jesus longs for us to share in His Joy; one that lacks nothing. Mary, Our Mother of Joy, knows how to complete that virtue in us. Pray the Rosary daily from the heart. Pour out your soul before Our Mother, and you will know a Holy Joy without end..

May we open our hands to Jesus, offering Him all that we have, out of love and gratitude for all Our Lord done for us.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark

May 10, 2009 5th Sunday of Easter (Mother's Day)

My Dear People,

Even though Mother's Day is a secular celebration, it does call to mind just how important our mom's are in each of our families. Mom's cement the family together in faith and charity. Without them, we would fall apart. Much like the love of the Most Holy Trinity, mom's bind and tether our hearts together as one family. Mother's teach us the eternal values that prepare us for Heaven. Our Blessed Mother is our finest example of what is truly means to be a holy spouse and holy mom. The Immaculate Heart of Mary not only sustained Jesus in the Womb, but also tethered Him to His Father in Heaven after he was born. From Her Perfect Heart, flows many graces and virtues. Just as we love and respect our mom's, so too must we honor Mary. Please pray in thanksgiving for all of our mom's, living and deceased. The highest honor we can give the Blessed Mother is by praying the Rosary. Pray one this weekend for your earthly mom, and for our Heavenly Mom. Cherish them always.

May we show our love for God by the way we use our time, talent and treasure.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark

May 3, 2009 4th Sunday of Easter

My Dear People,

Good Shepherd Sunday always falls during the middle of the Easter Season. St. John tells us that a Holy Shepherd cares deeply for the life of his sheep. He is willing to lay down his very life for them. When St. Peter was chosen to care for the Church upon the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven, Our Lord knew the very quality present in Peter that would protect and nourish His Church here on Earth. And so it has been with every successor to St. Peter. Pope Benedict follows in that apostolic tradition. Our Lord Jesus Christ has never left us abandoned. Until He returns, Jesus still guides us from His Heavenly throne. Every time the Holy Father speaks "ex cathedra" (from His Chair), he does so to protect and defend us. How important it is for us to pray for and support the Pope. He has given to us the gift of a new leader, Archbishop elect Robert Carlson. Following in the footsteps of Jesus, our new archbishop also needs our prayers and support. Pray, pray, pray for holy priests and bishops to lead the flock into the way of Christ's peace.

May we always be grateful for the Good Shepherds who follow faithfully in the way of Our Lord.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark


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