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Fr. Mark's Weekly Homilies

October 26, 2008

My Dear People,

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul...and your neighbor as yourself!" This is the key phrase in today's Gospel. It is also the greatest of all the commandments. Our charity and mercy need to become concrete, evident in our daily lives. When we love our neighbor as we love ourselves, it is then that God's presence is made knowable to others. We all can remember a time when we felt as though the weight of our own problems seemed overwhelming. Then, as if our of nowhere, someone comes along to share the burden. How great is that moment in our lives. A little charity and mercy go a long, long way when we feel down and out. The love of our neighbor can change our whole perspective on life. It may not get rid of the problems we face, but it does make them more manageable; all because of someone's charity. Be determined this week to perform simple random acts of charity and mercy. When we do so, we make God's love very real for our neighbor; and come to live the Gospel.

May we find peace in loving and serving the Lord in all we say and do.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark  

October 19, 2008

My Dear People,

What do we truly OWE Our Lord? This is a question that Jesus answers in the Gospel today. "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's...give to God what is God's." Jesus made it very clear. We have both temporal and spiritual responsibilities. By God's permissive will, He has given temporal authority to our civil leaders. It is a Divine gift. As God's representatives, these civil authorities, have limited authority over us. Hence, when taxes are levied (federal, state and social security), we must pay them. We owe this to Caesar. By the same token, we also owe God as well. He has not limited, but "supreme" authority over us as our Creator. All that we have and are belongs to God Himself. That is why at the very end of our lives, we must file a complete "life report" to our God. Jesus reminds us of this throughout the Gospel. Of the four last things: death, judgment, Heaven and Hell, we experience two JUDGMENTS by Our Lord. First, we experience personal judgment. Secondly, we experience general judgment. Nothing get past Our Good Lord. He knows and sees all things. That is why it is so important to plead His Divine Mercy over us. Without God's Mercy, flowing from the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we would all be TOAST. No one could survive either judgment. So, live in God's truth and love. Plead His Mercy upon you every single day.. and trust in HIM!

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark  

October 12, 2008

My Dear People,

We continue with the Kingdom parables this Sunday in our Gospel. Matthew presents us with the wedding feast motif. The Father has prepared a great banquet for his guests. In doing so, He expects us to be ready to celebrate with Him. He has dispatched his angels to gather the elect. All have been invited to the feast. But some have completely ignored the invitation. Some were to busy with everday affairs. Others abused and murdered his servants. Afterwards God told His servants to out into the highways and byways to gather His guest. The only requirements God expects from us, is that we arrive properly disposed (properly dressed). One such guest was not and cast into the darkness outside the banquet hall. There was much suffering and remorse. The suffering was not imposed by the Father, but was experienced by the son who had wasted his time with things not preparing his entrance into the Kingdom. This great Divine Mercy is called Purgatory. Our hearts, minds, and souls must be purified and cleansed of all darkness and sin before we can live in God's Holy Light. Even venial sin must be removed before entering into Heaven. That is why it is so essential to sacrifice and pray for the dead, especially in our own families. Without our prayers and offerings, they continue to wail and agonize in the fires of Purgatory. Next moth we celebrate All Souls Day. Pray daily and often for the repose of all souls who have died. It is a great act of Mercy!

May we as good stewards, learn to recognize the difference between what we need and what we want, trusting that God will always give us all that we need.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark  

October 5, 2008

My Dear People,

October a traditional month dedicated to the Blessed Mother. On the seventh day of the month, we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary. This day marks a Marian Miracle which protected the Church from being overtaken by Her enemy. Even though the great odds were against the papal supported army, the enemy was crushed, and the Church survived another great trial. This was due to Our Lady's intercession. If you fallen out of the habit of praying your daily rosary, make a resolution to start October 1st. Ask Mary our Mother in Heaven, to crush the enemy in your own family. Together with St. Michael, they are an unbeatable team. It is the moral obligation of all Fathers to lead their spouses and children unto the Lord. SO ATTENTION ALL DADS AND GRANDPA'S.... you set the example for the whole family and pray the Most Holy Rosary with your spouses and children. In this time of chastisement in our country. ALL dad's need to lead their families into the way of God's PEACE. PRAY!  PRAY!  PRAY!

May we find joy in faithfully and generously giving our time, talent and treasure to produce fruit for the Kingdom of God.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark  

September 27, 2008

My Dear People,

Doing the Father's will is the theme of the Gospel today. How do we know what God's will is for us? How did Jesus know what the Father's will was for Him? Jesus prayed. He prayed often. He prayed from the heart. In obedience to the will of God the Father, Jesus, His only Son, always spoke in His Father's Name. Today's Gospel from Matthew, focuses doing what God's asks of us. Being one in mind and heart in union with God, is a key to fulfilling His Divine Will. Our vocation is a life response to the Will of God. Catholics are called to live three lifestyles; the single state, married life; and priesthood or religious life. This is why it is so essential that a lot of prayer and discernment must go into choosing our vocation. When we enter into the covenantal stage of our vocation, we receive all of the help and grace that we need to complete it. PRAY for the discernment and grace to know and live God's will.

May we support the work in God's vineyard with their time, talent and treasure.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark  


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